Dehydrating marshmallows? Why?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs most of you know, I’m dehydrating food as my independent project, and I’d say it’s been going pretty well!  This week I experimented with marshmallows.  Why?  I saw that I could, so I tried it for fun!  I had this vision in my head that my fresh, Kraft Jet Puffed marshmallows would turn out like those tiny marshmallows I find in store-bought instant cocoa.  Well, that’s not exactly what happened…

I started with a fresh bag of  mini-marshmallows…mmmm, yummy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had to use a mat on the tray so the marshmallows wouldn’t slip through, then I slid the tray in and started the machine.  I thought I should check the marshmallows after a couple hours.  To my surprise, the marshmallows were plump, and larger than when I put them in – then it hit me…duh.  The dehydrating temperature was too hot, and I was basically cooking the marshmallows!  They were very soft and gooey.  Hmmmm…this wasn’t working out like I thought it would.

Maybe, if I turn down the temperature, and continue awhile longer, they’ll dry, and possibly shrink.  Back in they went for a few more hours…and then I checked again.

The marshmallows did not shrink, but they were dry.  They had the consistency of dinner mints (like you serve with nuts at a reception).  They still tasted great, but didn’t look anything like the tiny marshmallows I was expecting!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere you can see some of the marshmallows are plump and grew together, but the size of most hadn’t changed much!

Oh well, I can still use the marshmallows in my cocoa, and I won’t have to worry about them drying out at all!  I popped them into a freezer ziploc, and they’re going in the camper!

Does anyone have a good homemade cocoa recipe?


10 thoughts on “Dehydrating marshmallows? Why?

  1. Your title instantly made me intrigued to read your post. I thought they would shrink up like the little ones in the instant cocoa too. Well, now that makes you think, what are those little things they pass off as marshmallows in the instant cocoa packets?! That’s cool that they did dry out and became mint-like consistency. Very cool experiment.


  2. When I first saw your post all I could think of was Lucky Charms marshmallows. It’s a little disappointing they didn’t turn out like that, but what did happen makes up for it. How awesome that you can use them in your camper and not worry about them drying out. Because they are going in your camper, maybe you could try to roast them!


  3. I like the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook recipe for hot cocoa. If you don’t have that cookbook, message me and I will pass on how to make it! The marshmallows look good, I would eat them right from the bag.


  4. I was really curious to see how this would turn out! I too thought they would shrink a lot. I have always wanted to vacuum seal marshmallows and see if they smoosh! Good idea!


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