Ever Present Technology Ruling Our Lives?

Photo courtesy Jeramey Jannene, Flickr
Photo courtesy Jeramey Jannene, Flickr

Prior to “Literacy in the Digital Age” class I was on the edge of closing my Facebook page.  I only had it to keep track of some of my favorite people – where they’re acting, or who’s having babies.  It’s fun to see new pictures, and be able to cheer on friends who land the big part in a Broadway show.

My family and friends frequently accuse me of ignoring them because I’ve never gotten into the habit of checking my cell phone frequently as some do.  I miss calls and texts, only seeing them when I pick up my phone, or plugging it in at night.  I used to have a land line with a message machine.  I always felt the need to answer the phone, or to at least listen to the message.  Then people accused me of “filtering my calls.”  Okay, maybe I did – now I just do it with the cell phone, right? Of course, I check it when it rings, and I hear it – necessary call?  Do I know that number?

Photo courtesy of jackfre2, Flickr
Photo courtesy of jackfre2, Flickr

I don’t tweet using my phone, I only do it on my pc at home, so I don’t spend all day checking the “dings” that would go off if I did tweet.  This was a choice that I made, to limit how I use Twitter.  I don’t think I’ll ever be an “Instagram-er” or “Snap Chat–er” because I think that those who record every second of their day and share their every moment (boring or not) is sharing way too much information!! For that matter, I don’t think using these programs in this matter is safe – again, TMI, and way to useful to those who could do others harm.

I don’t always use technology mindfully.  For instance, when I look at Pinterest, I’d better have at least three hours because I really enjoy that!  Some of the posts I read right away, and some I save for later, but I know they’re there if I want a new recipe or special holiday craft idea.

Now that I’ve been introduced to some new programs, I may be using them for my upcoming teaching – for instance, get creative ideas from ds106.  I think we lose much of our creative time, or even time to pay attention to our families if we spend too much time with our technology.

As an example, here’s a “snapshot” from a moment in my own living room recently:  Me, my husband and son all sitting in the living room with the television showing a program we wanted to see.  What were we doing?  All three of us with tablets on our laps, monitoring our favorite sites.  Holy moly…can’t we unplug for two hours?

Photo courtesy Randy Talley, Flickr
Photo courtesy Randy Talley, Flickr

2 thoughts on “Ever Present Technology Ruling Our Lives?

  1. I find the same issue in my own life with technology. I have implemented a “no phones at the table” rule. We need at least an hour where we have to be interested in each other!


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