Dehydrating: What about it?

As most of you know by now, my independent learning project was experimenting with dehydrating food for long term storage, to take camping or, my favorite reason, making a healthy organic snack!

risksdemotivator As with most things, I approached it with confidence, imagining that I would be successful in all the experiments I chose, and of course, not all of them were successful.  However, I was not deterred, and pressed on!  Some of them, like the peas and corn, I probably won’t do again, unless I really need dried vegies to pack for a big trip.  The sweet potato dog treats were a total failure, but I have another idea to try for that, and will try again!

Dehydrating BibleIt was quite easy for me to be motivated to experiment with dehydrating because I like to preserve food all kinds of ways, and I got a big, new dehydrator for Christmas!  The challenging part was finding the time! (Am I right?!)  I had no shortage of ideas to dehydrate, thanks to my Dehydrator Bible and Pinterest!

The best part happened when I was successful and my family gobbled up the goodies – like the beef jerky (VERY popular with the men folk) and the caramel apple slices (VERY popular with me!).  I’m certain those two snacks will show up again in the future – nom, nom, nom…

This type of project might work well in the classroom as a way for me to get to know the students, as a presentation tool and as a writing tool.  I could ask them to produce a project (with parameters and time limit) based on their interests.  I could then assign a “proposal” piece of writing, detailing why they chose that project, and submitted for pre-approval.  Then I could assign another written reflection after the project is completed, detailing how the project was created and what it means to them.  Of course, when the project is completed, I would ask them to share it with the class.  This will achieve several goals: 1) the students get to choose the project, 2) in something that interests them, 3) may work on it during class time, 4) share it with the class, and 4) it will be used as another writing assignment.  And if possible, I would display their projects in the school.  Now, I just need to figure out how many state standards I can pin to that project!!

Thanks Dr. Ellington, for the idea for my classes! I’m sure my students will thank you too!

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2 thoughts on “Dehydrating: What about it?

  1. I have learned so much from your post thank you for all your time and effort. The Dehydrating Bible look wonderful! I wonder if you would be interested in buying a Excalibur dehydrator. It has been wonderful. Thank again for all your work!


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