The Dance of Autumn by Vicky DeWald

DiamondsA brown willow leaf taps my hand.

Shall we dance?  I look up

Marshmallow fluff, swift through azure sky,

Sunlight sparkles, a million shattered diamonds

Glittering on the waves.

The red burning bush bows to the tall thistle

She tosses her plumes with a flip

They swirl, and they twirl and they dip, dancing

To the crickets harmonious song.

A lime green miller, bumble bee and monarch butterfly

Flutter by and linger over bright faced daisies

Periwinkle dragonflies cruise low, racing by

RushesA frog squats in the grass, warming in the sun

Watching warily with one twitching eye.

Shocks of yellow, tufts of gold

Tucked among fifty shades of green

A flashing silver fish leaps out of the bay

Twisting for its lunch, with a splash

Thick reeds and rushes wave it away.

A breeze rushes across the water

To join in the celebration

And the willow, leaves “all aflutter,”

Swings and sways,

Long tendrils trailing around her.



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