Life is a Great Adventure!

Life is a Great Adventure and I’m making plans to close one chapter and go onto the next one!  It’s so exciting to finally be going on to teach, to share my experience and knowledge with my students, and work with colleagues to provide the best educational experience we can for the students!

I hope you enjoy my video – filled with many pictures of me, my beloved family, friends and random funny pictures, with a running theme…I want to be the wind beneath my students’ wings!

The rest of my message is in the video…have fun!


4 thoughts on “Life is a Great Adventure!

  1. It looks like you will be involved in a really rewarding teaching position. It looks like it fits your personality and interests! Great video! (“The Great Adventure” was the theme song of my husband’s family. I have not heard it it in a long time, that was fun!)


  2. I have been blessed to find a position that does include speech/theater and language arts all rolled up together! The Speech and Theater electives are new under this principal, so I certainly want to do a great job with them, and hopefully expand the programs even more!


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