Have you glogged?

Seems kind of like a personal question, doesn’t it?  Have I glogged?

(stage whisper) What does glogged mean??

As I prepare for my new adventure in the classroom, I’m discovering new, cool technology tools almost daily that I hope I’ll remember to use with my students!!

Following is my trail to learning about glogging:  I was scanning teachersnotebook.com for some great ideas (free too!) and came across some information provided by Katie Ann Wilson called “How to Make an Interactive Review/Quiz using Google Forms, download it here.  At the end were examples, so I clicked on one to see an example – pretty cool!

Then I spotted a link on the page Titled “My Glog” and under that “Glogging.”  I’d heard of vlogging (video blog) but I’d never heard of glogging.  I couldn’t resist…and I jumped into the rabbit hole.  That link took me to Katie Ann’s page “Glogging in My Classroom” on Glogster Edu. There are various links there such as “What is glogging?” and “Glogging in the Classroom.”  From there I linked to Education World with an article about Glogging posters, with great links for teacher examples that demonstrate the possibilities for Glogster.  Naturally, I clicked on “Shakespearean Parodies” and found an outstanding poster!  Please, click and find it!

So the next time you need some inspiration don’t be afraid to “click through” the rabbit hole to find some really excellent and fun ideas for your classroom!  (or just for fun!)


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