About Peanut Butter Theater

Peanut DeClown Line Art
Peanut DeClown Line Art

A Path of Life-Long Learning and Inspiration

The inspiration to teach came from my Holdrege High School Drama teacher, Mrs. Lum, whose love of Theatre kept students active and engaged. She sponsored student efforts to begin the “Peanut Butter Theater,” producing plays for children, and performed by student actors. I was in the original cast, and continued to be involved in community theatre and arts activities throughout adulthood.


Time Square - New York, NY
Time Square – New York, NY

I have extensive Theatre experience, working in many exciting theater centers such as New York and Los Angeles, as well as unique locations such as Branson, Missouri and the Eskimo village of Kaktovik, Alaska. An immersive exposure to various locations, ethnicities and cultures has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity, and an infinite source of inspiration for creative work.



Rapunzel in her tower
Rapunzel in her tower

A life-long passion for Theatre led me to attend college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK), where I graduated with a BA Theatre degree, and Theatre Design and Technology minor. While at UNK, my work on the UNK production of “Into The Woods” won 1st place in Stage Management at the regional Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF).

Following graduation, I served as the inaugural Executive Director at The Tassel Performing Arts Center of Phelps County. I developed and booked the coming season, developed marketing materials and the website, and hosted numerous local and professional engagements, including the first annual Tassel benefit, featuring seven main stage acts and an art installation.

Right of Spring - Ancestors at the Pep Rally
Right of Spring – Ancestors at the Pep Rally

It was my privilege to attend the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia, where I earned my MFA Theatre degree. CalArts is a prominent conservatory established by Walt Disney that produces avant-garde performances and premieres new work from some of the most exciting artists world-wide. CalArts is recognized as the #1 creative college, with the #6 Theatre school in the United States. The CalArts artistic philosophy places an emphasis on exploration of new paths beyond conventional boundaries, which has placed it in the top 25 internationally recognized schools for the performing and visual arts.


Brigadoon - The Wedding Scene
Brigadoon – The Wedding Scene

Following graduation I returned to Nebraska and was hired as the Theater Technician at Lincoln Southwest High School, where I also co-taught Technical Theatre class. During class and extra-curricular activities I worked with students of varying skill levels, teaching stage and production management and technical elements of Theatre. The sets featured multilevel acting areas and fantastic special effects, including a waterfall, flying actors and a “pimped out” front door to introduce Marley’s Ghost. We successfully realized these very ambitious productions, along with numerous concerts, dance recitals and special speaking events. Near the end of the year I worked with the students on a student talent show, and coached an award-winning technical team.

Since then I have been appointed to numerous freelance positions, including the Nebraska Repertory Theatre Props Master, professional actress and entertainer, and most recently, I joined an international team of artists and CalArts alumni to work on mixed reality plays and a virtual reality concert.

My Second Life Avatar

I now focus on my goal to return to the classroom, where I will share my passion for the Arts and for learning with my students.


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